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Worth seeing things in Longiarù

„Les Viles"
Exploring the outlying side of Val Badia, especially Longiarù, Marebbe and La Valle, you'll find characteristic settlements developed by the mountain all over the years. The slopes exposed to the sun are all stewn with numerous very small hamlets, wich are called „Villes" in the Ladin language.
These settlements are built close to each other, due to the wish for safety and solidarity. They also show the endeavour of the villagers to economize with the cultivated soil.
The most well-known „Villes" in Longiarù are SERES and MISCHI.

The Mill Valley
Another attraction Longiarù can offer is the „Mill Valley", a very special tourist attraction. Several mills can be visited, and are still used by local farmers. They represent the ancient culture and life style.
In the past, when farmers had nothing except of their own products, the mills were regarded as indispensable constructions.
As a consequence of the fundamental socio-ecological change in the past decades that strongly influenced the living conditions of the mountain farmers, the function and importance of the mills decreased.
A 1 ½ mile long path leads you among the mills, rather romantic and instructive, along the river „Seres".

„PUEZ – ODLE" National Parc
The National Parc PUEZ – ODLE" an area of 10.200 hectares, is part of the western South-Tyrolean Dolomites. It includes parts of the Ladin districts of San Martino in Badia, Badia, and Corvara, of Santa Cristina and Selva in the Gardena Valley as well as of che District of Funes. The rocky plateau with an average height of 2.500 meters is bounded by the „Passo delle Erbe" in the North and by the „Passo Gardena" in the South.
The scenery of this National Parc is characterized by an exceptional variety and sharp contrasts of geological phenomena. Thus the „Gardenaccia Plateau", for example resembles a moonlit landscape. In the elevations of the Col dala Sone and of the Col de Muntejela you can find detritus of the Jurassic period and also carbonate depositions.
The forest belt is limited to the fringes of the park, where large stands of pine trees attract one's attention. Lots of alpine plants and flowers grow there: the alpine rose, soldanels, crocus, nokshood, arnica montana, and red clover.
You may also run into deerstalking in the parc, such as roe deer, deer, chamois. Chamois prefer the fields of bushes, which are interspersed with grassy heathers. In the thin forests of the Passo delle Erbe and Putia you may find good mating grounds for grouse and black grouse. From time to time you may even see marmots, for example on the Medalges pasture.


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