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The history of Longiarù

The Ladin village Lungiarù is situated at 1388 m above the sea level, 10 metres above the valley bottom. The central settlement of the village is composed by the vicarage, the inn, the food store, the school with the kindergarden and the clubhouse.
The farms with their stables, barns and residential houses together with their additional buildings such as the baking oven, beehive, tool-shed and gardens, are scattered around the centre.
After the village fire of 1942, it was rebuilt in its old style. The river and the streans from the mountains fill the valley bottom. Along the riverbank you may see several mills; whereas you may see only few remains of the sawmills and metalworker's mills.
During the last 20 years, down South the church an expansive housing development has been created, which has changed the characteristic of the old village thoroughly.


Winter 2021

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